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    "Don & Chris were a dynamic duo when I worked with them in Atlanta, and they’ve proven they still are with Deadly News, set mostly in the city they know and love. Their wealth of experience from decades in the news business provides a rich and well-informed backdrop for an explosive, exciting thriller."

                                        KATIE COURIC, former Today show star, CBS Evening News anchor, host of her own nationally syndicated program, Katie



    “I’ve known Don Farmer for years and I’m here to tell you he is the one person uniquely positioned to pen this thriller. He knows the news business, Atlanta and his beloved Southwest Florida.Add to that his irreverent sense of humor and knack for spinning a yarn and you have some great reading ahead of you.”

NEAL BOORTZ, Nationally syndicated radio talk show host and author



     “Deadly News cleverly weaves together the fast-paced worlds of media and crime.”

GRETA VAN SUSTEREN --- TV host, anchor



   “From the Deep South to the edge of the Everglades, Deadly News is a riveting must-read that propels you full-speed on a roller coaster ride through intrigue, murder and the underside of the "news business!"

NANCY GRACE, Host of  “Nancy Grace” on HLN network

and former felony prosecutor.



    "Don Farmer and Chris Curle traveled the world covering news as reporters and anchors.  They know the people behind the stories and the details that never make the news. Deadly News captures the behind the scenes drama of intrigue, violence and character flaws that make a story so compelling. You won't be able to put it down."

CLARK HOWARD, Nationally syndicated radio talk show host

and host of Evening Express on CNN’s HLN Channel



    “Leave it to Don and Chris to truly capture the craziness of the TV news business. Deadly News is fun, funny, fast-paced and more accurate than you might believe.

    “I know these characters. I've interviewed these characters.  And, depending on the assignment, I've been these characters. Two seasoned pros got it dead-right."

SANDRA BOOKMAN, News Anchor, WABC TV, New York.



    “Murder dives into a pool of media at the Atlanta Olympic games. The crime, captured on live TV, sets off a crackerjack romp through the glistening halls of media power with its screaming producers, schemers and appalling greed, to the swamps of Florida with its hungry crocodiles. There's revenge, jealousy, ambition, humor and a delicious blend of crazy players in a media world Don and Chris know well.  They grew up in it. Leave the lights on. You'll be up late reading this one.”

LOU WATERS, One of the first news anchors

hired at CNN, there from Day One.

    “The best books are written by the best reporters. Don and Chis always have distinguished themselves with their thoroughness and storytelling. In this thriller, they’ve done it again.”

PHIL JONES, Veteran CBS News Correspondent




    “The satire is biting. The story is compelling. The writing is crisp. Nobody can depict the complexities of how the media covers a complicated story better than Don Farmer and Chris Curle. They bring an insight from years of experience in a television newsroom and behind an anchor desk. Deadly News is a look at the world of media, politics, and money.

Don and Chris take you on this satirical journey that will keep you turning pages long after the late news has signed off.”

FLIP SPICELAND, Long time weatherman, One of the “originals” at CNN.



    “Don Farmer has had a notably successful career in TV news at every level - local, cable and network. He was often frustrated by the absurdities of the business but never lost his sense of irony or his ability to see humor in TV news’ outrageous aspects.  These qualities serve him well in writing Deadly News. His wife, Chris Curle, an experienced journalist who co-anchored with him for many years, also contributed importantly to this work. With verisimilitude oozing from every page and character, Deadly News is a murder thriller that unfolds against a backdrop of the Olympic Games. But at heart it’s a rollicking satire on the television news business and the sometimes very peculiar people who populate it.”

BARRIE DUNSMOR, Veteran ABC News foreign affairs

expert and diplomatic correspondent.



    “A first-rate thriller from Don Farmer and Chris Curle whose careers in television

make them uniquely qualified to create non-stop action inside and outside the newsroom.

 It’s a fresh, funny, keep-you-up-all-night winner!”

KARNA SMALL BODMAN, Bestselling Author of Castle Bravo




    “If you like laws, sausages, and news, it's probably not a good idea to to see how they are made. But this recipe of the Olympics, Atlanta, a grisly death, and the inner craziness of  TV news goes down smoother than sweet tea and shrimp and grits. Tim Dorsey and Carl Hiaasen watch out. Don Farmer and Chris Curle have the scoop in Deadly News!”

CHIP CARAY, Sportscaster, Fox Sports


   “Deadly News  is a crackling thriller infused with fiendish humor and teeming with predators -- alligators, crocodiles, and ultra-dangerous media sharks! Only real insiders like Don Farmer and Chris Curle can explain how truly frightening TV news can be.”

BOB ORR, CBS News Justice Correspondent.

     “TV News captures millions of viewers worldwide, but what the audience doesn’t see, behind the scenes, comes to life in this mystery thriller. Deadly News is a non-stop romp, as TV news becomes part of the sensational events, told with skill and humor by journalists who have been there.”

GAIL EVANS, Former executive vice president of CNN,

author of Play Like a Man, Win like a Woman



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