A novel by Don Farmer with Chris Curle


In the days leading to the next Olympics in Atlanta, a dramatic crime steals the headlines and creates a media frenzy. News crews on hand to cover the pre-Olympics gala capture the gruesome scene live.


It’s more than a murder. It’s a clash between Ian Phelps, the cunning and corrupt owner of a British TV network, and Bren Forrest, the much-admired woman who owns Global News Service, America’s premier all news channel.


Phelps plots to take over GNS, with murder one of his tools of the trade. But Bren vows revenge and will do anything to get it.


An ambitious African American TV reporter and her live-in lover, an Irish American police detective, team up to get the story and to catch the killer, if they can.


The drama of homicide and power politics is punctuated with a searing inside look at how TV news sometimes works, or doesn’t work. The satire is hilarious and the story, while fiction, has a loud ring of truth. The authors put to good use their decades of experience, on camera and behind the scenes, at the highest levels of major league media.


If you watch TV news, your perspective may change after you read the crackling action in DEADLY NEWS.


DEADLY NEWS is available in hardback, trade paperback and as an ebook for Kindle, Nook and iPad.


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